Three Easy Steps To More Indoor Playground Equipment Sales

Properly scrutinizing and keeping up on maintenance of your indoor playground will go a very long way to ensure the safety of your visitors.
The indoor playground should be inspected each morning prior to opening, as well as through the day. All employees should be suitably trained in what to look for while inspecting the play equipment.
Maintaining your playground to be in best condition is vital to the safety and achievement of your play area. Normal maintenance is to be anticipated, and it is an extremely important part of owning and running an indoor playground.
Regular maintenance includes replacement of certain parts from time to time such as post padding, netting, vinyl parts, and replacement of ball pit balls. Additionally, it includes making certain bolts, nuts, and other hardware is complete, tightened, and in good shape. Windows and domes must be free of any openings; if cracked or broken, they should be replaced immediately.
Necessary maintenance should be identified during regular inspections. Some playground operators prefer to use an external company to perform maintenance on the play structure.

Post Pads

The protective pads covering the articles should be inspected for signs of wear. Make sure no pieces of padding are missing. Make certain there are no zip ties overlooking; substitute as required. Also check to make sure that there are no ends or sharp edges on the twists.
Netting should be secure and intact. Inspect the netting for holes/tears is important, especially on top levels of this playground. Little holes/tears will continue growing, becoming a potential entrapment issue or even kids falling through. Small holes/tears can be sewn back together. Bigger holes/tears will require the netting to be substituted in the affected area.
Safety Flooring
Inspect the safety flooring to ensure it's not coming up in link points. Be sure to pay attention for tripping hazards. Replace as necessary.

Webbing and Vinyl

Assess all webbing, net fabrics, and vinyls are protected and free of tears. This includes, but not limited to, deck boards, net bridges, and internet platforms.

Plastic Elements

Make sure there aren't any cracks in plastic elements, windows, and domes.
At Indoor Playgrounds Internationalwe install with security in mind. Our installation technicians are trained to have good attention to detail, ensuring minimum maintenance will be necessary by the owner. We care for our customers and our staff will help with maintenance of your playground nicely after the installation is complete. Playgrounds International also includes a full time Certified Playground on staff who trains all of our installation technicians.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting new venture!